Outstanding  cover band covering the classics from the last several decades.



Come experience a Third Stone show and take a ride on a pleasing musical experience!

  Third Stone consists of outstanding musicians that have been performing professionally for years.  

  Third Stone a talented group of musicians. featuring Regina Binda and James Massone on lead vocals.  Rounding out the group is Alan Andrade on bass/vocals ,  Amos Sanfillipo on guitars/vocals and Scott Poole on keyboards and vocals and Jim McGathey on drums and percussion. 

 All  musicians are dynamic players and have great chemistry performing with each other. This is evident at every  Third Stone performance creating that awesome "Third Stone" sound.

True professionals that love music and performing!

Battle Road Brew House, Maynard,MA

We're very excited for the 2018 season with the band sounding so good with new music and a couple new great venues.
Hope to see you all very soon!

Julienne Mitchell -Vocals
James Massone-Vocals
Alan Andrade-Bass, Vocals  
  Rishava Green-Guitars, Vocals  Jim McGathey-Drums Scott Poole-Keys, Vocals

Music from the 70's till today!  Seventies R&B, rock, soul, pop till today's modern dance music, pop, funk rock and more!
Third Stone is well known and heavily complimented for their diversity while keeping the energy and the audience moving and having a great time!  Whether it's a night club, corporate function, wedding and more... Third Stone has lots of experience in all aspects of a very professional performing music group with outstanding musicians and vocalists!
 Check out Third Stone at a show and be ready to have a great musical experience!

Third Stone is led by two outstanding lead vocalists!!
Regina Binda, who attended Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory, is blessed with a gifted and powerful voice. Versatile and diverse, Regina has been lighting up stages across the area with her stellar vocals and stage presence. A true pro that has got to be seen and heard!!
Also, on male vocals, we have James Massone, who placed 3rd overall on the hit TV show
The Voice!!  (click for video)

 James' smooth tenor voice transposes beautifully with the great music of yesterday and is able to perform many of today's hits! Performing with great feel and soul, James is fun to watch work the crowd and get audiences at any function engaged into the music! 

 Both singers are exciting to watch perform night after night on any occasion!

Third Stone is also available for weddings and functions

                                Jim McGathey-Drums, percussion    Rishava Green-Guitars, vocals

     Alan Andrade-Bass,vocals          Scott Poole-Keys,vocals


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